Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Facehunter /in the city/ Yvan Rodic, London

/I was walking down around Covent Garden, a place where I never go, and saw four pictures of the Facehunter's book in the windows of a local bookshop (what with this being London where local shops are nearly extinct, it was probably a bookstore chain) to advertise his book. As some of you may know, I like taking pictures of shopwindows, of reflections in the city, and Facehunter (one of the street-style-paparazzi bloggers) mostly 'hunts' [et dévisage] in London (or so it seems), this was a perfect opportunity to take a couple of pictures et blog them, really./

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  1. These are very cool, they look like they're projected onto the buildings.

  2. Thanks everyone.

    @Niccolo Echeverria: I am not too sure what I should think about his work, but these pictures are rather good.

    @Ganymede Girl: I am actually capturing a reflection of the buildings in the windows. Hence the impression you have!


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