Thursday, 17 March 2011

[Etoile à 7 branches], Tel Aviv


  1. i want to take a great photo like you

    and yes i love balmain and now ive realized that my outfit of sequined top + floral jeans is definitely balmain + isabel marant ish haha

  2. hi! it's been a while! i've made new photos too! but no as glamourous as aviv is not the same as salamanca...but i'm trying to show her a little bit better dressed.
    I like the idea of this picture, i enjoy looking for shining somethings in normal things.
    I like the abstract photography too, the pollockgraphy? i don't know if i said well...
    have a good day and...week-end too!

  3. @Michelle: I am sure you will take great pictures. Keep workign on the Balamin / Marant theme.

    @Edelweiss: thanks for the compliments. it is very nice of you to say all of this. Enjoy Salamanca! I am sure it is a great place too.


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