Monday, 31 January 2011

Adi Sened too? (Tel Aviv graffiti)

I cannot help but wonder whether these are also the work of street artist Adi Sened. Opinions?


  1. Cool pictures!

    I'm not is São Paulo and Rio now. I came back to Paris for the Menswear and Couture shows.
    I will be in London soon for the shows... :)

  2. Oh these are very nice!! I'd love to go to Tel Aviv, it must be amazing.

    Lovely work, as always.


  3. Thanks for your kind comments @Antonio Barros. Let me know when you are in London!

    Thanks too, Emily. Tel Aviv is rather nice. I would probably need another day or two to visit thoroughly!

  4. PS. I got this confirmation from Adi Sened himself:

    Adi Sened yes, this is the kufsonim sun( the yellow sticker)
    31 de janeiro às 21:20
    Adi Sened nice pics by the way' tnx


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