Monday, 1 November 2010

/It's in everything we do/ [Systématique fantasque]

/ 01/11/2010 I decided to put as the main picture for this post a better edit of the picture I uploaded a few days ago. The original picture can be found below./


  1. It's a very nice photo. I love the red. I'm looking at the photo with the homeless guy below,w ishing Michael Jackson would drop by and throw him a nickle a la Billie Jean. Thank for sharing the photos and visit me when you have time.


  2. Lovely photograph. The bright bags really grab my attention against the dark wall.

  3. Many thanks for the comment on my blog. Schiphol airport is definitely not a hell! :)
    Interesting streetphotography you've got here on the blog.

  4. Thanks Ellinor! I shall definitely have a look at your blog as soon as possible.

    Thanks NYC In Photographs! This is precisely what grabbed my attention.

    Thanks for the kind words. Jack Daniel. Have you ever taken the plane at Schiphol? Sometime the taxi between landing and alighting takes longer than the flight (or nearly).

    PS to all: I posted a different edit tonight. I thought it was better than the first one. I am no longer sure, now... Any opinion appreciated.

  5. I love these. Plastic didn't even exisit when those bricks in the background were made...

  6. Thanks @Pat Tillett. I don't know much about bricks & plastic but I guess that you are right!


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