Saturday, 18 September 2010

/Stealing the show/

/You know the game: which edit do you prefer? & why-oh-why?/ 

[Vous connaissez la musique : dites, en moins de 50 mots, quelle version vous préférez, & pourquoi.]


  1. As always it depends on your goal.

    If you want to show the whole scene the first. E.g. for a newspaper article of the CSD - Parade, I'd take this.

    But if you think of it as a kind of portrait, than it is the second. For example for a CD-Cover of "this singer" I'd prefer the second.

  2. Definitely number one.
    I find number 2 perhaps too obvious.
    Number one is much more moving
    But -hey- what a nice shot in all cases :)

  3. I think in #1 there's more of an accidental moment luckily caught on camera, whereas the 2nd looks more like a set-up. The first one is maybe more playful and it appeals to me more. If I'd crop the photo, I'd have cut off the top of the first image to make a square picture so that it lines just above the blonde head and flag on the right-side. That way it wouldn't have lost that magical moment, but would have been "tighter".

    In short: I'm going with #1.

    ps. I really enjoy these questions and especially reading everyone else's responces. Keep them coming!

  4. @ San: I agree with you entirely. Which picture to use depends on the goal. Which picture you prefer depends on your gut feeling? Which one would you print and put on your wall if you had to choose?

    @ Marion : I guess, number 2 is indeed too obvious. Thanks for the compliments!

    @ Saranna : I agree with you too - it's interesting how the framing/cropping can change the way we perceive/understand a picture (set up v. spontaneous). I should also try the crop that you suggest.

  5. It's a good capture regardless of the crop you use, though!

  6. To put up on my wall? Then it's #1 for the same reasons as Saranna has.

  7. @Saranna: thanks! I have not really managed to find the time to crop the pic like you suggested.

    @all: I think the original picture is indeed best. Any other crop would miss the large flag.


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