Friday, 24 September 2010

/I went to LFW for two hours, part 6/
/the Myth/


  1. I love the bag lol but I didn't like the plaid pants

    kisses from Brazil

  2. I love ze relationships betwwen the 3 of us. Le shooté, la shooteuse et la phoneuse. On dirait un Velasquez.

  3. Thanks Rafael!
    Thanks la flore et la When you say "the three of us" ("nous trois"), do you mean you are on the picture ? [Tu es sur la photo ?] C'est bien cette relation visuelle (un triangle rectangle) qui m'avait intéressé à la situation. Je n'avais pas pensé à Vélaswuez, ceci dit...

  4. *Vélasquez.

    PS. La relation entre les horizontales et verticales m'avait aussi intéressé.

  5. Really like the scene and that the two of them are busy with their mobiles. Nice with color and b&w diptych, but the color one attracts my attention a lot more than the b&w. guess it is because of the guys red checkered pants :)
    ps. thanks for stoppping by my blog some time ago ...

  6. Oui le type à gauche regarde sur son iphone.

  7. @Dorte: thanks. I do like the coloured one more, too.

    @La flore et la faune: Oui, il doit regarder,


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