Thursday, 30 September 2010

/I went to LFW for two hours, part 12/
/It's Summertime & the living is easy?/


  1. I am loving this series, you managed to capture the spirit of Fashion week perfectly even though you were only there two hours! x

    keep in touch

  2. These photos are very cool - you could give Jak & Jil a run for their money! will definitely be keeping an eye on this blog

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  4. Marvellous photographs! I love them! Congratulations! Already a fan! :)

  5. @Adorngirl: thanks a lot! I think I would have lost the enthusiasm if I had staid too long. I'll know how to proceed in the future: you need to target the high quality shows as they tend to attract the most interesting people (not the famous ones but the ones who know fashion). I have tried to work on what was happening, rather than just the looks - thanks for saying it shows!

    There is more to come from fashion week but it's a very different series, that I shall publish once this one is finished.

    @Grace: thanks a lot for the compliments! I think Tommy Ton (Jak & Jil) often has very good photographs & a really good eye for fashion.

    @St Loup : thanks to you too! (does the name have anything to do with Proust?)

    @Johanna Urban: thanks a lot.

  6. You bet it does!! J'adore Proust!
    Txs for your answer!


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