Saturday, 11 September 2010

/coincidence? I think not/

Interestingly enough, I took this picture on 27 March 2010 & a few days ago, when looking at the blog of someone who commented on Davidikus, I saw a very similar picture. This is the second time this has happened recently. How very odd!


  1. I just think it's funny that 6 months apart we took two different pictures which end up looking almost identical (bar the fact that on my picture the tree has no leaf, and is very green on his picture!)

    PS. I am not accusing anyone of using my pictures in this case: it's just interesting to see that outlooks which are sometimes similar, at times produce similar pictures!

  2. This sure is amazing. From all possible places in London we have laid our lenses on the same wall. In fact, I didn't even know your blog at the time of taking the same kind of photo. I don't know about you, but I took my picture because of the wall patterns.

  3. That's very funny, isn't it? If you have a look at the last time this happened (check the link above), I was on an unexpected week-end break to Milan, ended up in Portofino & took a picture of the exact same boat as one of my readers from Argentina, who also has his own photo blog. I guess, this was even more surprising.

    I'll probably post a second edit of the pic. I posted it as is to show the parallel with your pic but I know full well that I would have cropped it to publish it here (I need to get rid of the lamp & tree at the bottom; & see whether I can get a better line / division at the top).

    To be honest, I cannot recall what attracted me to this building. I try to work on my experience in/of London, with the limits that I would not put pictures of friends, colleagues & relatives (taking a picture of them for the blog would, most likely, disrupt or ruin our interaction). That's why there are so few pictures of people (performers stand apart: they do expect to be photographed - or they should). I don't really work on patterns, though they do have to be a part of my experience, and a major visual part of my experience (if this is all making sense at all). In general, I really dislike brick buildings, all the more so if they use this horrid white/yellowish brick. I guess it is the opposition between the interesting ceramic work and the ugly as hell brick work that intrigued me.


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