Tuesday, 24 August 2010

[Mardi milanais]


  1. As San said, a very nice composition.
    You've got a good eye for that anyway, interesting way of depicting shapes, lines and silhouettes.

    Thanks for your reply on the latest post too. I think you're right. Is it wearable? Probably not really, is it for the sake of art, probably yes. Most importantly, it should be accepted and not frowned upon - if mankind truly would be liberal one day.

  2. I agree with "the man from amsterdam": you do have an eye for lines... Euclides defined them as "breadthless length"...maybe this is what you aim to capture... or maybe not...

    In all cases, dear Davidikus, thanks for your inspiring lines.... :-)

    Ps - I now have a "picture playground" where I post my attempts at taking pictures... I wonder how long I will discipline myself enough to make progress. But I like the idea of "shooting" things once in a while... lol

  3. Thanks San, The Man and Marion! @Marion: I'll have a look at your pictures.


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