Monday, 12 July 2010



  1. oh, its one of my favorite places in Paris, its so nice to walk arround..

  2. Great pictures...great post! Lovely blog...

  3. I so would have loved to see the musician's head!

  4. Thanks everyone.

    @ Mr Winston: I agree with you. I like the garden and galleries better but I like this part of the Palais Royal too.

    @The Photodiarist: I understand. I thought about including it; I may have taken shots with the musician's head (I need to check) but I feared it would detract from the child (especially as showing her head would mean showing the head of the audience). My main problem with the picture is that I should have shifted the angle slightly so that the kid really occupies his own space in the picture. At the moment his head is mashed up with the feet of someone behind. I only had a few seconds to take the pic: the kid is only alone because the rest of the family has just left and they are yelling at him to follow them! Thi spic is better than nothing, but could be improved.


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