Wednesday, 30 June 2010

/upstairs/ @ Ronnie Scott Jazz bar


  1. This looks like it's right out of a commercial for a bar, almost surreal.

    By the way, due to the discussion of PDs beach pictures I've played around with one of mine and put 5 versions up for discussion. Love to hear what you think about them.


  2. PS: I like it too. (just in case, I didn't make it clear.)

  3. Oh No!
    I would have loved to go to a jazz bar in London. Love jazz and those bars, but know none in London.. well 1 in South Kensington!

  4. great shot, never got to go to a jazz bar when i lived in ldn

  5. Thanks everyone. I did not really expect this picture to generate so much enthusiasm. It goes to show one is not always the best judge on their own work.

    @San: I cannot find the pictures to which you are referring. Where are they?
    @The Man from Amsterdam: you see, you should have got in touch when in Ingerland!
    @Mat: London is not really a jazztown but there are a few exceptions.


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