Friday, 25 June 2010

Cofa Tree - Flakes of Wood


/I took the second picture for the cover of the album Flakes of Wood, by Cofa Tree, the band of my friend Christopher Clarke. I was asked to recreate a picture of Abba (!) on a bench near Holborn./

/The second picture is from the same session and is used for the back cover./

/Cofa Tree's Flakes of Woods is released today on iTunes./

/PS. I think this is the first time I publish commissioned work, no?/


  1. I like the pictures, but not their music. (or her shoes, the rest of her outfit is cool, but the shoes somehow don't fit the picture. Sorry, but I'm obsessed with shoes.)

    However, I think the pictures give a good impression of what their music is like.

    Best of luck/success for their longplayer.

  2. Nice photos, kisses from France,

    Olivia & Mariam


  3. Thanks San! I hope their LP will be successful too. You can hear the single on the radio so fingers crossed.

    Thanks Olivia & Mariam too!


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