Wednesday, 26 May 2010

/Soho Trash 2/


  1. What is it that fascinates you so much about trashbags?

    And hey nice frame. Wonder where I have seen that before. ;-D

  2. @ Mat: Do you disapprove? why?
    @ San: What fascinates me is London trashbags. In Rome, Paris, Milan, to a lesser extent Berlin, people use bins; in London, people live among the trash, the dirt, even in the most touristic and the most expensive areas. Whereas London is incredibly dirty, all the other European capitals are very neat. I am not sure why. I guess that to a certain extent it relates to the fact that the street is seen differently in London (in many places, the street is a place where life happens, where people take coffees, etc. in London, it is a hostile place that people want to avoid - hence the overuse of cars etc.) This is just my 2p, really.

  3. PS. For the framing: I took the pic quickly without checking the frame was horizontal & I corrected it later on. I have done this before. It's just less obvious on other pictures.


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