Sunday, 23 May 2010

/Only in ultra-nationalistic Britain.../
[Imagine-t-on cela ailleurs ?]

/The Union Jack as a Unique Selling Point. I wonder what can be specifically British in a sex shop. Do Brits do sex shops better? I should imagine they are the same everywhere. Or perhaps sex shops are a particularly British phenomenon? Or perhaps this is just a call to buy specifically British whatever-it-is-people-buy-in-sex-shops - they may not seel anything foreign. I am perplexed. If you have seen sex-shops proudly displaying their nationality anywhere else in the world, let me know./


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  2. haha, that's a really good point! it looks really cool though, makes me think of austin powers:)

    xx raez

  3. Living in Canada I don't think I have ever seen the Canadian flag used in a sex-shop display but I have seen it used in other displays in a "Canadian pride" sort of way. I think in the UK it seems more common to use the flag for marketing and design, maybe because it's much more appealing looking in general?

  4. Thanks everyone!

    @Streetfsn: I shall have a look at your blog
    @Raez: Yes, there is something kitsch/funny along the lines of Austin Powers in this.
    @Ganymede Girl: Perhaps this is all about "British Sex Shop Pride". I think the Canadian flag is far better looking than the British flag but it might be less versatile (no pun intended).

  5. Well, I actually have seen Brazilian flags in sex shops here lately. But then again we're getting close to the World Cup and you know how Brazilians are when it comes to soccer.

  6. Also, I met a British girl who told me that she and her friends organized regular vibrator parties. According to her there is no sampling or hanky panky in the events, which did disappointed me, even though I understood I'd never be invited anyway, given that it's a feminine gathering.

    Maybe that was a very unique case, I wouldn't know. But maybe there is a particularly high interest in sex paraphernalia in the UK, for whatever reason.


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