Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Louvre, Paris


  1. Interesting point of view. I probably would have gone for the golden cut, instead of nearly the middle.

    Thank you for your thoughts on the light sessions. This gives me a lot to think about and I'll plan the shots a lot more ahead from now on. This is fun! I even got two photo mags for it today.

  2. I did not have much choice. Putting the lamp post more out-of-centre would have led me to include more of the pavilion (or less of it). I thought the unbalance between the dark mass on the left and the clear chimney on the right worked. Perhaps I was wrong!

  3. PS. I trust it has not escaped your attention that the picture itself is not in 3*2 format but follows the so-called golden section!

  4. You mean top down for the golden section?!

    Wouldn't it have also worked if you moved a bit to the right and had not a totally frontal view?! Sorry, don't know how to say it better. And it's not as if I know the Louvre and its surroundings that good.

  5. I mean the ratio between the length and height is as close as possible to Phi (c. 1.618)!

    I did move & did take other pictures but the alignment of verticals and horizontals did not work as well, I think. In general, I have no real issue with frontal views, or putting things in the middle (look at the Joconde or half the pictures in the Louvre!).

    In that picture, what disturbs me more are the facts that (1) the antenna to the left of the lamp-post is not as clearly part of the composition as I thought (this is what puts the emphasis on the lamp post being centered IMVHO) and (2) that the part where the lamp post is in front of the window does not look very tidy - it even looks messy... I should have aligned the lamp post with one side of the window, probably.

  6. Amazing photo, I love it. ;-)

    ps: For which e-mail address can I write to you?


  7. Thanks for your kind comments. I have replied to your email. You can contact me on blog [à] or photography [à] I look forward to reading from you.

  8. Have to agree with San on this one . . . The lamp post slices the photo down the middle, which is a tad bit distracting. Beautiful colors, though.


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