Wednesday, 14 April 2010

[Effets d'échelle] - London Stock Exchange


  1. la première chose que je regarde chez une société c'est son building...

  2. You have made a building that lacks any architectural flair or design, look so intriguing and Beautiful! I have a great distain for the many buildings within in the UK! We have such talented individuals and yet we are left with atrocious new builds (block bricks/a touch of wooden cladding and the odd bit of metal) whom we are told to pride of. When simply they look like the image of its neighbor and as though we live in a communist state (one architect - one nation)! However, their are some beauties - Daniel libeskinds imperial war museum up north is one such beauty that goes against the grain and forces a strong opinion upon the public, whether good or bad.

    Yours Truly


  3. I'm going to london this weekend and I can't wait!
    Looking throught your blog makes me feel I'm there right now :)

  4. this is very luxury building to see and also having in london , one of the best city of the world.

    leuchten lampen

  5. @La Flore & la Faune : tout pareil

    @We spy with my little i: you are raising a good point - I am not certain that the building is great either; you are raising an even better point, which is that all those brick buildings with a bit of wood are, mostly, horrible. Brick is really an unattractive material on large scales. Libeskind's museum is great! In the City, I really like the Gherkin, Lloyd's building, Willis Building, as well as Lloyd's register of shipping.

    @the gorgeous & @designforhome: thanks for your comments! I am glad you like the post. Enjoy London.

  6. A very different view of London and really very attractive

  7. @ pe-jota: thanks. I do not usually find architecture in London very good (I have a great distaste for most Victorian buildings: they are all heavy and stuffy and made of bricks). However, contemporary architecture can be spectacular (even with a relatively plain building like this one).


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