Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Brasilia : /the National Pantheon/
|Panteão da Pátria Tancredo Neves|, Oscar Niemeyer

Brasilia : Panteão da Pátria Tancredo Neves, National Pantheon, Oscar Niemeyer


  1. Thank you very much. The buildings themselves are fantastic. The tall column on the right of the first picture is a pigeon tower - you can even see a pigeon landing in.

  2. Perfect again. And again they feel like the architects or movie simulation. What makes them feel so weird is the sky. I couldn't put my finger to it on Mondays picture. But it's definitely the sky.

    The sky looks real but the buildings don't. It looks like you layed them before the sky and the wood.

    This whole city seems to be an architects and photographers playground and not like something that was build with real people living there in mind or something that has grown organically. (I know, I know, that's the way Brasilia was intended. Just saying.) It reminds me a bit of La Defense in Paris.

  3. The sky in Brasilia is very blue. It looks a bit surreal seen from London or Germany but that is the way it IS. I did not paste anything but I took the pictures when the sun was hidden, in order to get less contrast, so perhaps it's the paradox of a very blue sky with monuments in diffuse but strong light that looks surreal. I may have saturated the colours a bit too much too. Difficult to tell.

    Brasilia was actually built very much with people in mind. Unfortunately, it was built with the idea that people can do everything by car and that streets are no longer needed. As a result, the main "street" in Brasilia (Eixo Monumental) is a 2*8 lane highway and the main avenues are very large as well. On the other hand, each superquadra has really been built with people in mind. Each has its own supermarket, school, restaurant etc. which means they are extremely nice to live in - & a very nice life has developed within the superquadras - isolated though they may be from each other. The new quadras, built after Niemeyer, are far less successful. Perhaps because people have not had time to "colonise" them yet?

    You may also get this impression of a place not built for people from the fact that I am focusing on the monuments? I wish I had taken more pictures of life in Brasilia rather than just the monuments, but they are so stunning that it was too tempting!

  4. These almost look unreal. I think it's the form of the building with the starkness of the background. Beautiful shots though!

  5. Great 1st shot. Stunning architecture. What were you doing in Brasil? falas português?

  6. I like the first shot quite a bit.

  7. Thanks @matthieu!

    @Minor keys: Posso ler mas naõ falo Português.

    @The photodiarist: I like it better than the second one, but the second one gives a better impression of the volume of the building, and its situation. Hence, the inclusion.

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