Thursday, 22 April 2010

Brasilia : /the cathedral/
|Catedral Metropolitana Nossa Senhora Aparecida|, Oscar Niemeyer


  1. The whole city is designed by Niemeyer right?
    I am not really a fan of his aesthetic, but it is interesting nevertheless!

  2. The city was masterplanned by Lucio Costa. Niemeyer designed most (but not all) of the main buildings (mostly but not exclusively government buildings on the Eixo Central). I would be interested to discuss what you dislike about his aesthetics. I find his buildings fantastic - especially the latest ones!

  3. This picture and point of you is awesome. The textures, the angles, ahhhh....

  4. I do not have the knowledge to assess each of his buildings as I have not observed the city to such an extent to know exactly which buildings he designed and which not. However, in general, whenever I see pictures of Brasilia I have a feeling that the city lacks a certain passion, warmth. Probably because it did not grow naturally, but was planned extensively.

    I think much of the modern architecture from his time is not my kind of architecture. The functionality and often straight lines in reinforced concrete make a building look bleak and emotionless. I do like contemporary architecture, where there is a lot of use of shapes and mixing materials (different types of wood, different types of stone etc etc).

    Why do you like it?


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