Monday, 22 March 2010

Zaf Sabir /for/

/Due to popular demand (well, at least demand from The Photodiarist), I'll publish pictures of a fashion shoot that I did in June/July 2009 for every other evening. The model is Zaf Shabir./


  1. Beautiful guy and really intense photos, especially the last two. . . The first photo has a yellow tinge. Is it the light or did you use a filter?

  2. Wow, the pictures are really intense. I really like the first one. Second is okay. But the third creeps me out, don't know why.

    I didn't know we can "demand" pics from you! *snicker*

  3. i love the lighting in these shots, it adds alot to them.

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  4. Thanks everyone! Zaf will be very happy if he reads this.

    @The Photodiarist: The yellow tinge comes from using the white balance creatively. I think the white balance has made filters useless nowadays...

    @San: The Photodiarist was the only person to say he wanted to see more of this series... That's all!

  5. Gorgeous model and really nice set; the last one is actually my favorite.

  6. Thanks - I am really glad you like this pic. I think the last one is the best too. This is my own very restrained version of porno chic.


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