Monday, 1 March 2010

/Short narrative/ [Lundi : retour au travail]


  1. Thanks for your sweet comment on my photography :)
    This Mind the Gap sign always makes me smile and they say it as well in the most monotone voice possible!

  2. You are most welcome!

    I tried to make a small narrative around this 'Mind the Gap' sign - something that would show the gap and mimic the drab tone of the voice saying it.

    Not the most visually interesting or pleasing pics I have done this year but I hope the interest lies elsewhere and that it does convey something of London. Now, I need to document:

    'Please let passengers leave the train before boarding.'


    'Make use of all available space inside the carriages.'


  3. I wouldn't know that he is unmistakably Swiss, but I know he has a heavy French accent when speaking English. So I guess he is from the French part of Switzerland!

  4. I never met Yvan Rodic, but I saw videos of him. Your guess is mine. His accent in French & in English tends to indicate that he is, indeed, a French-speaking Swiss.

  5. Ahh London. "Mind the Gap" . . .

  6. Great photos, I love pictures of trains :-)

  7. LONDON london, london, what a inspirational place to live, fall in love and create a wonderful thing that we call life!

    even missing the undergound.

  8. Thanks everyone. I am glad you like the pics. I should photograph more trains! However, I am not sure that I shall miss the tube if I ever leave London.


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