Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Charles Lebrun [par] Coysevox @ /the/ Wallace Collection


  1. The light is fantastic. Love it.

    And the way his hair is made, the artist really knew how to do it, amazing.

    Well, there are problems nearly everywhere at the moment. And London sounds still really interesting to me.

  2. Nice photo!

    PS: "PS. You know you can get rid of the gap between top & bottom part of the pic by adding: margin-bottom:0em in the style part of the pic link? HTH."

    I didn't get this.

  3. Thanks guys! I am glad yo like my work. Albert: I have tried better to explain what I meant on your blog, email me on blog at davidranc.com if this is not clear enough! I don't want to bore all our readers with tecchie talk.

    Toodles, D.

  4. a really lovely shot! great tones

  5. @dastodd: Thanks! The room is actually like that. I am not sure why, but on some computers, the tones of this pic (and this pic only) appear too saturated... Another IT mystery.


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