Friday, 26 March 2010

2 /models/, 2 /edits/
[la vie est faite de choix, la photographie aussi!]


  1. Wow, that's an amazing photo! Did you take these? Sorry for my ignorance, lol.

  2. David - what kind of camera do you use? What's your fave lens?

  3. @Kelly: thanks for your compliments! Yes, I take all the pictures on this blog - that is actually the point of this blog.

    @The Photodiarist:
    I don't normally talk about technical matters because I don't think that they are important but here you are.

    * In terms of bodies:
    - for my daily work, like this blog, I use a Lumix GF1 which replaced a now deceased Canon 300D.
    - for paid work, I use a Canon 5D.

    * In terms of lenses:
    - my three main lenses are a Carl Zeiss/Contax 28mm/2.8; a Carl Zeiss/Contax 50mm/1.7; a Carl Zeiss/Contax 135mm/2.8 and a Canon 50mm/1.8. I can use these three lenses on both bodies with an adapter. They are manual focus / stop down.
    - on the Lumix, I also use a 18-45mm zoom that came with it (it has optical stabilisation so I can take night shots).
    - on the Canon, I also use a 50mm/1.8 which is not very good optically (especially compared wiht the Zeiss) but which is auto-focus & some clients sadly demand auto-focus.


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