Friday, 26 February 2010

/a mannequin/ [cela faisait longtemps] Emporio Armani


  1. Beautiful details on that dress. What lens are you using? A Macro?

  2. Thanks! I do not normally talk about technical matters but the details come from exposing the white correctly (i.e. correcting the exposure so I don't lose any detail) and playing a bit with the white balance (which transforms a contrast in shades into a contrast in colour that the eyes sees far better). I used of 45mm lens (90mm equivalent on a micro 4/3 camera) with manual focusing so I can actually get closer than autofocus allows). I hope this helps!

  3. wow

    love this blog

    fantastic pics

  4. Thanks Jess and wecouldgrowup2gether. I am glad you like my work. Perhaps, I should have mentioned that this is an Emporio Armani dress?


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