Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Big Ben | Nicole Fahri


  1. Your blog has just become one of my favourite style blogs. And thank you for the comments. Do you think Ishould write more often in portuguese.. and in French too? Don't you think it would become a mess.. (english + portuguese + french)?

  2. Well, thank you very much: this is a huge compliment. Feel free to use my work for your blog, as long as you credit it, and if you feel like it. Perhaps you also want to have a look at http://www/ for a small portfolio of my fashion work. Or if you need some photography done, let me know!

    I think you should keep the blog in English but translate some in Portuguese and some in French, not necessarily all three languages at once. It depends on who visits your blog and what you think is going to be of interest to whom!

  3. I agree with you. My main visitors come from US and then Europe (Portugal > France > ...). I'm thinking about to write in both English and Portuguese languages when possible, but always english first. I have tried french a few times ago but I didn't feel any difference in total visitors.


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