Monday, 22 February 2010

/After a week-end in Paris/ [retour à Londres : la City]


  1. gosh , are there any of these beautiful booths left???

  2. Alors Quitte à utiliser un terme bien trop galvaudé, je crois que certains éléments du paysage urbain sont (authentiquement) "Iconiques", trahissent (immanquablement) un lieu/un esprit/une époque donnée !!!
    ps: Merci INFINIMENT pour ton commentaire, avec lequel je suis d'accord à 100 % !!! Le Naturel absolu est chimérique (et son rendu photographique ne serait pas forcément intéressant), il s'agit plus d'en créer la subtile illusion, de tendre vers plus d'incarnation . . .

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  3. Yes, these phonebooths still exist; if only because some are listed (a lengthy consultation process is needed to take them away) and are indeed part of the image of the place (see the Guimard metro station in Paris, too. The phonebooths are all bright red but you need a little bit of help from the sun to see how bright the red is...

  4. I love this shot, I'm really fond of the red phone booths in London. I was pleasantly surprised to discover a booth like this several blocks from where I live (in Vancouver Canada!) and I'm planning to go back to it to take some photos. I'm not sure what it's doing here because I didn't think they existed outside of England. I suppose at some point someone must have paid to have one shipped out.

  5. Hi! I am here because you visited my blog
    I will be in London for the first time in my life next april, you blog is wonderful, I cant wait to be there



  6. @Ganymede Girl: thanks for saying you like this post! I tried to replicate recently with another kind of very typical British phonebooth: the blue ones you were able to use directly in order to call the police.

    @ale: Let me know when you are in London. Hope you enjoy it!


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